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Fondouk is a uniquely audio performance for families (+8) and for adults. 
Fondouk presents an 'auditive massage' that moves, moulds, bemuses and hypnotizes the listeners' attitude. Live foley, sonorization and fieldrecordings are made into enticing musical compositions. 
Upon arrival, guests will discover dome tents that shape the physical environment from which the performance is experienced. Immersed in a sound-world, the performance is not merely auditory, but also physically sensitizing.
Through a game of attracting and repulsing different listening-attitudes, the sound awareness is awoken and heightened. We hope to make the audience conscious: of themselves, their environment and the different ways of listening, and convince listeners of the musicality that sounds can bear within themselves and in combination with each other.

A 'fondouk' is a marketplace where nomads can showcase and sell their merchandise. It is a point of gathering and mixing of people, stories and cultures. The title of the performance refers to the fusing together of diverse sounds and how anything preconceived by the listeners can be silenced to allow new thoughts to surface. Everybody brings his or her own history and makes their own story.

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Fondouk is a production of aifoon and Krokusfestival
concept & director  Stijn Dickel / sound Jürgen De Blonde, Kurt Vandendriessche & Stijn Dickel / dramaturgy Gerhard Verfaillie / light Kurt Vandendriessche / in association with Kopergietery and Cultuurcentrum Hasselt.

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