Residency Huis van Alijn

Since 2014 aifoon has a residency in Huis van Alijn, a museum about the culture of everyday life, the big and small stories of life.
The central questions in this investigation are: how are visitors listening to the museum, and how can we question the modes of listening with artistic interventions?

- Het geluid van de jaren '80 is an interactive installation with tapeloops

auditieve installatie 'Requiem for digital but not quite quiet'

- Het geluid van de dingen is a compository installation with everyday sounds

het geluid van de dingen
luisteren naar het geluid van de dingen

- Sounddesign for Expo PIEP, an exhibition with all kinds of peeping toys

expo piep huis van alijn
expo piep

- DJ's concrète act on the museumnight 2014, a dj-act with the sound of toys

projectie floris vanhoof
Pics of the museumnight 2014 Huis van Alijn

- Interactive soundscape for Terug van de kermis expo: octaphonic speaker set-up with mechanical sounds of fairground attractions.

- Binaural recordings of fairground attractions.

- Sound ambience thread for expo Zesdaagse featuring sounds of indoor cyclists recorded in Kuipke in Ghent.

-RotoR: interactive installation that is a cross-breed between a bicycle trainer and a rotary speaker, playing back sounds from bicycles in velodrome Kuipke. The rotary speaker throws and projects the sounds into the open space of Huis Van Alijn's Courtyard.